Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Pop-up at 1726 Lanier Place Is What Spurred the Movement in Lanier Heights

Before you purchase - - you should be aware that pop-up conversions like 1726 Lanier have generated enormous resentment.  Hundreds of your prospective neighbors have signed onto petitions to eliminate pop-ups, and the votes at neighborhood meetings called by our ANC ave been overwhelmingly in opposition to pop-ups, by a margin of ten-to-one.

There were scattered expressions of concern about pop-ups among the Lanier Heights neighbors, but it was the sheer scale of what has been done at 1726 Lanier that galvanized the neighborhood -- building up to four whole floors, then going so far back on the lot as to shadow nearby row house rear gardens.

Has Capital City Real Estate been honest with you, the prospective buyer, about the history?